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Raccourcis - Commandes - Tips claviers

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Raccourcis - Commandes - Tips claviers
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Inscrit le: 16 Avr 2008
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MessagePosté le: Jeu 9 Oct - 12:40 (2008)    Sujet du message: Raccourcis - Commandes - Tips claviers Répondre en citant
Sources : D-GUN et LFJR       
Raccourcis Claviers Ingame                    

 A  – Attaque                     
 B  – Buid - Menu de construction                     
 C  – Capture                     
 D  – D-gun                     
 E  – rEclamer                      
 F  – Feu (choix "Halte", "Riposte", & "feu à volonté" ordres)                     
 G  – Guarder                     
 H  - Hand (donner) Unité/ressource à l'allié                     
 K  – cloaK (choix "invisible" & "visible" ordres)                     
 L  – Load - Charger une unité                     
 M  – Mouvement -                      
 N  - Next unit offscreen (en construction)- unité suivante                      
 O  – Orders - Menu d'ordres                      
 P  – Patrouiller                     
 R  – Réparer                     
 S  – Stop                     
 T  – Trajet - Fixe le centre de l'écran sur l'unité                     
 U  - Unload - Décharger une unité                     
 V  - Manoeuvre (Choix "tenir position", "mouvement", "errer" )                     
 1-9  – sélectionner le menu de l'unité actuelle                     
 ,  - Sélectionnez le menu précédent pour cette unité                     
 .  - Sélectionnez le menu suivant                     
 ~  - Barre de vie de l'unité                     

 ESC  - cancel current command before it is executed                     
 SHIFT  – queue consecutive commands; show move/patrol routes                     
 LMB  (left mouse button) - click to select unit(s), group units, and initiate commands                     
 RMB  (right mouse button) - click to deselect unit(s)                     
 SHIFT LMB  – add 5 units to construction queue (lab menu)                     
 SHIFT RMB  – subtract 5 units from construction queue (lab menu)                     
 SHIFT CTRL LMB  – add 100 units to construction queue (lab menu)                     
 SHIFT CTRL RMB  – subtract 100 units from construction queue (lab menu)                     
 ALT 1-9  – activate (select) previously assigned squad                     
 CTRL 1-9  - assign currently selected units to a squad                     
 CTRL A  – select All units                      
 CTRL B  – cycle through idle construction (Build) units                     
 CTRL C  – select and center screen on Commander                     
 CTRL D  – self-Destruct selected units (will toggle on/off)                     
 CTRL F  – select all Factories                     
 CTRL M  – select all Mines                     
 CTRL P  – select all aircraft with weapons                     
 CTRL R  – select all Radar, sonar, and jamming units                     
 CTRL S  - select all units currently on Screen                     
 CTRL V  – select all aircraft                     
 CTRL W  – select all mobile units with Weapons except commander                     
 CTRL Z  – select all units of same type                     
Controle en partie    
 -  vitesse moins rapide                     
 +  vitesse plus rapide                     
 ENTER  – ouverture du chat                     
 PAUSE  - pause                      
 SPACEBAR  - Barre status de la partie                     
 TAB  - multiplayer options                      
 F1  - Informations sur l'unité selectionné                     
 F2  – Menu du jeu                     
 F3  - Aller sur l'unité qui viens de communiquer                     
 F4  – score                     
 CTRL F5-F8  – Enregistrer un écran enregistré                     
 F5-F8  – Aller sur la position d'écran enregistré                     
 F11  – macro (CTRL F2 pour editer)                     
 F12  - Nettoyer les messages de l'écran                     
 CTRL F2  – interface upgrade options (recorder menu)                     
 CTRL F9  - screen capture (SHOT####.pcx)                     
AUTO-CLICKX  – default autoclick key (CTRL F2 to change)SHIFT X  – build rows (or rings around other structures)Commandes en partie

+atm  - Instant 1000 metal and energy boost (cheat code)
+bigbrother  - Cycles through all units (in build sequence)
+bps  - Displays network connection statistics (on/off)
+cdstart  – Turns on CD music
+cdstop  – Turns off CD music
+clock  – Displays game time (on/off)
+contour #  – Displays contour lines
+dither  – Line-of-sight shadow (color/grey)
+fshadow  – Toggles feature shadows (on/off)
+gamma #  - Changes screen gamma
+honk  – Units make a honking noise when they stop
+logo # #  – Change color (0-9) of player (0-9) (your perspective only)
+los  – View selected player’s line-of-sight limits (on/off) (cheat code)
+makeposter  – Large screenshot of map (saves as BIGSHOT####.bmp)
+mapping  – Toggles mapping (on/off)
+noenergy   Energy level drops to zero (cheat code)
+nometal   Metal level drops to zero (cheat code)
+noshake   Keeps screen from shaking during combat/earthquakes (on/off)
+nowisee  – Sets line-of-sight to permanent (cheat code)
+radar   Toggles full radar for entire map (on/off) (cheat code)
+setshareenergy #  – Shares energy when energy level exceeds # (if
shareenergy on)
+setsharemetal #  – Shares metal when metal level exceeds # (if +sharemetal on)
+sfx  – Toggles nanolathing/smoke effects (on/off)
+shadow  – Toggles shadows (on/off)
+shareenergy  – Shares your energy with your allies (on/off)
+sharemetal  – Shares your metal with your allies (on/off) 
+shootall  – Makes your combat units fire at enemy non-combat units (on/off)
+showranges  – With SHIFT, shows area effect radii
+sing  – Units sing instead of making normal sounds
+switchalt  – Group selection without ALT key (1-9 instead of ALT 1-9)
+view #   View from player #'s perspective (cheat code)

.crash  - Mainly for debugging purposes -- forces the recorder to actually crash if it is catching exceptions, so that you can get a full Errorlog.txt of the vent. Usually you will want to use .panic. 
.take  - When a reject screen for a player appears, an ally can use .take to claim the dropping player's units and structures. 
.takecmd  - Same as .take, but includes the dropping player's Commander giving you two of them to worry about and utilize. Ctrl-C will select all Commanders. 
.panic  - If the recorder starts flooding you with Exception caught messages, use this command and pray that the recorder manages to process it. 
.plfrom nickname  - Packet loss statistics for a certain player. Each value represents the time passed at a certain packet loss level. The first ten values represent 2% steps in the range from 0% to 20%, the last one represents the entire 20% to 100% range. 
.sharelos  - Makes allied units and any hostiles in their LOS visible, though covered by fog of war, and shares allied radar. .sharelos is mutual - a player will neither receive nor grant LOS and radar to/from allies as long as he/she does not issue this command.
.sharemappos  - Allows your allies to see where you are looking on the main game screen, indicated by a rectangle in the respective player's color. 
.syncon # #  - Gamespeed is locked to the range between the first (low limit) and second (high limit) number (e.g. .syncon -3 +2). Useful to prevent speedjacking. 
.time  - Displays the game time for all players according to their +clock. Useful for spotting a lagging player.

Commandes générales (en partie & salle de guerre)
.createtxt  - Logs all game chat to a text file with time-stamped name in the Default TA Demo directory (3.) of the Control Center. 
.ehaoff  - Disable the interface upgrade. This will disable all new functions like the Idle Const Finder, Queue 100 units etc. 
.ehareport  - All recorders in game report the status of their interface upgrade component. Mainly for debugging purposes. 
.fixall  - Enable both lag workarounds at once: .fixfacexps and .protectdt. 
.fixfacexps  - The recorder will protect new units for three seconds after they start building in a factory so that they are not killed by damage being dealt to an already dead unit, the cause for the annoying effect of "exploding build queues".
.fixoff  - Disables all fixes for everyone. The game must be rehosted in to reenable them.
.hookreport  - Reports the presence and version of each TA Hook in the game. All TA Demo 0.98b recorders will always reply with a positive respond to this query.
 .protectdt  - Tries to make sure DTs aren't lost. Without this fix, sometimes an opponent will see holes in an actually solid DT line you built. 
.record filename  - Records the game for later viewing. By default the recorded game will end up in your TA directory, however this can be changed by the control panel's Default TA Demo directory setting. If a recording with the same name already exists, it will be overwritten. 
.report  - All recorders in the game report their presence, version and status of the toggles:
(T--) shows the game is being recorded
(-T-) shows .fixfacexps is enabled
(--T) shows .protectdt is enabled
Any combination of the above is possible. No answer from a player means they don't have TA Demo installed.

.status  - Same as .report, except only your own recorder replies and noone else sees it. Useful to silently check if your recorder is turned on. 
.stoplog  - Halts the recorder. 
.tahookoff  - This disables just the autoclick feature in every recorder in the game.

Commandes en salle de guerre
.3dta  - Enables the 3D version of the replayer
.cmdwarp  (host-only) - Enables a singleshot Commander warp. The game will start out paused. You can click on any spot on the map and your Commander will instantly be placed there. Do this as often as you like. Once you have found a cozy spot for your Commander, click the Done button. Once everyone does so, the game will automatically unpause. Alternatively, you can unpause the game manually - this will terminate the warp sequence for everyone in the game. Useful for fixing the start positions for 2v2 games on the MSN Gaming Zone for example.
.fakewatch  - Gives you the ability to chat while watching. Join the game as a regular player for it to work. You will appear as a watcher to everyone else and will be unable to affect anything, except that you will be able to chat. Note that fake watchers occupy the first slots in the game, causing some disruption for the rest of the players' start positions. You may want to use .cmdwarp as a workaround.
.plresults  - Prints info about how the packets in the last .pltest fared. 
.pltest nickname  - Sends a sharp spike of ping packets to a player. This does not show what the conditions will exactly be like in a game and requires some experience to judge. However, it does simulate the kind of activity that would tend to occur during a game. See also the .plfrom command
.randmap filename  - Proposes a map randomly picked out of a list from a file that follows the format of the supplied maps.txt. The filename is optional and defaults to maps.txt if omitted. If you create your own favorite list of maps to play on you can use it by specifying the filename. 
.votego  - Signifies you're ready to go. If all players issue .votego, this will forcibly click in watchers. Useful if one of them left to take a shower or something without clicking in.

Commandes du "Replayer"
.income (en jeu)
Affiche les productions de tous les joueurs de la partie.
.lockon nick (en jeu)
Si un joueur a utilisé la commande .sharemappos lors de l'enregistrement, cette commande centrera votre écran sur celui du joueur. Entrer juste .lockon pour revenir à un écran libre.

.nocheats (en salle de guerre)
Normalement lors de la visualisation d'une partie, les codes sont activés. Si vous tapez .nocheats ils seront désactivés. Cela est utile si vous voulez reprendre la partie encours. Voir Poursuivre une partie pour plus d'informations.

.pos (en jeu)
Vous donne en % où vous en êtes dans le jeu. Vous pourrez ainsi facilement retrouver ce moment ultérieurement.

.pos % (en jeu)
Avance ou recule à la position indiquée en pourcentage du jeu (ex : .pos 50 vous amènera à la moitié du jeu). Habituellement, il faut 5 à 15 secondes pour que tout se synchronise correctement. Il est aussi plus aisé d'avancer que de reculer dans le jeu. Beaucoup d'unités vont disparaître lorsque vous avancerez. Elles réapparaîtront toutes seules lorsqu'elles recevront un ordre ou interagiront avec d'autres unités. Quelques dents de dragon, épaves et autres cailloux qui seraient créés pendant la phase d'avancement ne seront pas visibles; à l'instar de l'avancement, ces éléments ne disparaîtront pas lors du recul. Vous ne devez pas reculer si un joueur à quitté le jeu pendant l'intervalle de recul.

.speed % (en jeu)
La vitesse de jeu est réglée en pourcentage de la vitesse d'origine. Notez qu'accélérer peut dégrader nettement la fluidité. Le nombre d'unités en jeu et la puissance de votre ordinateur jouent un rôle important. Changer la vitesse peut aussi dégrader les performances.

.sonar (en jeu, seulement en mode replayer)
Crée un gros sonar en haut à gauche qui couvre toute la carte et permet de voir les unités sous-marines.
NOTE: Vérifier que tous les spectateurs possèdent le sonar en tant qu'unité. Sinon l'entrée de .sonar les fera planter.

.total (en jeu)
Affiche le cumul instantané des ressources de chaque joueur.

Voilà, pour ceux qui ne lisent pas l'anglais, je suis ouvert à toute question.

Le savoir ne vaut que s'il est partagé!
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